Bryan, Christine and Gwenda Phillips – Your Hidden Mind

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This family from New Zealand has a huge impact on the people who have the chance to work with them. Their system and comprehensive methods developed over the past 40 years help people completely reprogram their past memories and begin new lives.

Your Hidden Mind is the name of their system. It consists of easy-to-follow daily life routines that gradually rewrite your brain without dwelling on the past.

This talk will teach you how their system works and how you can reprogram your subconscious to remove blockages from past memories. Learn how to remove behavior patterns and emotional triggers that stop you from reaching your magnificence and living up to your potential.

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Your Hidden Mind

Your Hidden Mind

Your daily system for mind-health happiness

Brian, Christine, and Gwenda Phillips are the masterminds behind a new mind and brain rewiring method to relive the past and transform your future by using memory reconciliation.

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