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What, Why, and How video

What, Why, & How Worksheet Video

A video walk-through about how to use the one-pager life resolution worksheet. A simple tool that allows you to sum up where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. The goal for using this worksheet is to provide clarity in a one-page overview. You will find the one-pager for download on this page.

E-books and Short Reads

Here’s your member-only access to some simple-to-read e-books that will help you rewire your mind.

7 Steps eBook

7 Steps to Self Mastery

As a member, you get a copy of the 7 Steps to Self Mastery e-book for free. You can download that here.
7 Mentors You Should Follow

7 Mentors You Should Follow

To help you filter through a multitude of inspirational people, read this short e-book to see if the mentors suggested within connect with your values.

Summit Workbooks

The Awakening Mindset workbook is a downloadable PDF you can print out and use to reinforce the new ideas and concepts you learn. The 22 Questions workbook is a PDF form that includes a series of questions to help spark new insights about your life’s purpose.

Awakening Mindset Summit work book

Awakening Mindset Summit Workbook

This is your main workbook. It’s divided into sections for each part of the summit. When you take notes, you’re immersing yourself deeper into the content and making sure new ideas stick.
22 Questions to discover your purpose

22 Questions to Find Inspiration & Passion

This worksheet will rewire your mind and inspire a soul search brought on by questions you may never have thought to ask yourself. This way you’ll be even closer to discovering your passion and purpose.

Audio Sessions

Thank you for being an All Access Pass member of The Awakening Mindset Summit. This is your member page. Find all bonuses and member resources below.

Sue Ann Dunlieve

Why and How to Start a Blog

Sue Ann Dunlevie – For many people, creating a blog can be a great platform for a creative outlet when you feel stuck. Especially in regards to work. And for some, blogging can even be a new source of income.
Johnny - The MotionEffect

How to Find a Mentor

Johnny Helleland – After discovering the huge impact and benefits of having a mentor and participating in personal coaching, the next question is where do you find one? In this audio session, you will receive some great tips and steps on how to do that.

Quote byYou are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be…”—Napoleon Hill

From the book, Think and Grow Rich

Host of The Awakening Mindset Summit

Johnny Helleland (Norway) never gave into the traditional nine to five or formal education. From an unstable, rootless, and troubled childhood, Johnny created a life of freedom and success without following conventional norms. Johnny has proven that a life of purpose, inner strength, and meaningful synchronicity can be achieved by consciously shaping the mind and body.

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